Each Aroma•Zodiac Treatment Candle embodies your own individual zodiac sign’s identifiable health related issues. Using natures intelligence and inspired from the principals of Medical Astrology dating back 6000 years, these candles seek to target individual sign related health ailments on both a physical and emotional level, using specific 100% pure essential oils, scientifically proven to help heal negative emotions and physical symptoms whilst enhancing your positive personality traits and strengths by bringing you into your astrological balance.  An holistic treatment in the privacy of your own home, in your own time, with this Home Healing range of unique scented candles.



our Home Healing range of candles by selecting your Aroma•Zodiac sign

The Alchemy of Aromatherapy and Astrology combined to bring balance and harmony to your life.




When Aromatherapist and complementary medicine Guru Kathryn Plowright was referred by a Doctor to a medical astrologist she wasn’t sure what to expect. Doctors were unable to help her condition which was life threatening, so she had nothing to lose. This voyage of discovery changed her life and ignited her passion to create Aromazodiac a 100% natural therapeutic luxury candle and wellbeing collection. Tapping into natures intelligence this exclusive range brings luxury, integrity and wellbeing along with proven therapeutic health benefits and mood changing experiences, helping to enrich peoples lives and invoke the calm and harmony necessary to take back control of our hectic lives, in our own time, in our own home.

Reintegrating the lost elements required for balance and harmony within.

This Month's Aroma•Zodiac Candle

Each sign of the Zodiac is beholden to its own set of health and personality traits - both positive and negative. With the use of essential oils taken from nature which have proven therapeutic benefits on our physical mental and emotional states, AromaZodiac candles are the perfect way to help bring balance and harmony into your life.

Bring a little piece of Heaven into your home


July - Aug 20

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