Here’s the Science bit, I discovered this picture 25 years ago and immediately loved it and I was completely drawn towards it – but I didn’t know why? What could it mean?

As a complementary practitioner – with no particular interest in Astrology – I was fascinated by the Zodiac pictures on different parts of the body.  A quarter of a century of research and development later, AromaZodiac is the creation of a 100% natural treatment candle. Each candle contains therapeutic benefits, with the ability to help heal physically, mentally and spiritually in harmony with your own specific astrological DNA. It is the perfect fusion of science and nature.

Astrology or more specifically Iatromathmatics or Medical Astrology is one of the longest standing intellectual traditions on the planet, says Professor Lauren Kassell of Cambridge University who is an expert on the subject. Iatromathmatics applies the study of Astrology to Medicine and views the human body through astrological reasoning as well as mechanics, associating stars and zodiac signs with the functioning of the body and its active and energetic temperament, exploring various health problems and ways to alleviate and treat certain ailments and diseases. The twelve astrological signs are assigned to each part of the body from head to foot as depicted in the 15 century painting of the anatomical – astrological human. In Iatromathmatics your ‘star body’ or ‘energetic matrix’ is believed to be governed by the sun, moon, and planets and other astrological signs and thus can be regulated in order to achieve a healthier state of mind and body.

Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils taken from plants flowers and herbs which are utilised through massage, topical application or inhalation in order to transport the known healing properties of the plants directly into the blood stream in order to promote both physical and psychological well being. The scientifically proven effects of Aromatherapy are known to stimulate parts of the brain which have a positive effect on physical emotional and mental states, stimulating brain receptors which control blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, attention span, pleasure and motivation. Aromatherapy has been used therapeutically over millennia by ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, Greek and Indian cultures medicinally, cosmetically and spiritually.

AromaZodiac candles harness natures intelligence and fuse it into a wonderful home healing experience  – why not try a candle meditation when you light your candle to help deepen the experience.


Posted by Kathryn Plowright Founder of AromaZodiac