Aroma•Zodiac founder and designer Kathryn grew up as part of a theatre, film and TV dynasty. Her vibrant upbringing led her to travel the world in search of creativity and insight. Inspired by the homes and destinations she visited and the people she met, her experiences and observations captivated her imagination and enthusiasm to bring into being a luxury range of products that would encapsulate her passion and dedication to the art of self healing.

She has often been described as a pioneer in complementary medicine and holistic therapies, and the woman responsible for bringing these alternative healing approaches onto the high street and into the public consciousness over a quarter of a century ago.

After a devastating illness from which conventional medicine gave her no chance of recovery, Kathryn decided to ‘find her own path’ out of ill health through nature and its boundless healing properties.

The result was the inception 25 years ago of The Medicine Shop & Clinic, a collaboration of complementary medicine and therapies under one roof.  Kathryn fast became a leading authority on the subject, touring the world, giving countless interviews on radio and TV, and promoting the benefits of holistic healthcare.

Each piece in her Home Healing Collection evokes a sense of lasting comfort and embraces the spirit of nature in mood-changing experiences.  Kathryn strives to create pieces that not only look and feel beautiful, but are instrumental in helping enrich people’s lives. Only the highest quality and purest of ingredients make the grade; from the finest essential oils and organic materials to the exquisitely embossed packaging. Kathryn is a perfectionist in everything she does.  Each individual piece is therefore a very personal reflection of her lifetime’s work, her creativity and passion, making this unique English brand amongst the Best of British.

Kathryn explains:

‘I was fascinated and excited at the prospect of being able to bring back into balance the wayward parts of our physical and emotional stressed out time starved selves.  If the proven benefits of Aromatherapy alongside the science of medical Astrology mean we can invoke the much needed calm and harmony necessary to take back control of our hectic lives in our own time in our own home, and there is a chance one of my beautifully scented therapeutic candles could improve your health and wellbeing then why wouldn’t you.  Candle light is magical and aromas are evocative and restorative.  I want this Home Healing range to transform your life as it has done mine’.

All Love