The AromaZodiac On Line Assessment service is offered to individuals who wish to have Flower Remedies specially formulated for them in order to address their own personal issues.

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Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essence Therapy has been developed and used over centuries, but most famously brought to our attention in the 1930’s by Dr Edward Bach MB BS MRCS LRCP DPH  a physician and Homeopath who dedicated his life to searching for the purest methods of healing, and who scientifically documented the vibratory signature of 38 English wildflowers, trees and bushes.

Dr Bach believed as many doctors and people do today that the attitude of the mind plays a vital role in recovering from disease and illness.  This ‘energy’ medicine concept is now gathering momentum in the 21st century where it is now becoming common place for doctors to administer ‘green prescriptions’ consisting of  Yoga or cookery classes, as well as conventional drugs.

The principals

Flower Essence Therapy works by treating the individual rather than the disease or illness and their various symptoms.  Flower essences focus on the emotional factors present at the time of the illness such as anxiety, depression, trauma or grief all of which  are known to hinder the physical healing of the body.   The remedies are completely natural and are used widely throughout the world not only be individuals but by doctors, complementary practitioners, counsellors, psychotherapists, vets and dentists alike.  Unlike many drugs today, Flower Essence Therapy is completely safe and have no negative side effects, they are non addictive and do not interfere with any conventional medication or drugs you may be taking. They are a totally holistic healing agent for mind body and spirit.

Infusions are made from the flowering part of the plant when the flower is in full bloom, which is when its life force energy is at its most potent, and are harvested in line with biodynamic principals.   Each flower has it own unique bioelectrical coding which corresponds with an emotion or emotional state of mind.  This coding is then captured in the purest of water under either moonlight or sunlight in order to make a ‘Mother Tincture’ from which the Flower Essences are made.

Our Flower Essence practitioners are dedicated to the principles of holistic healing and they have years of experience in being able to objectively observe an individual’s feelings thoughts and emotions and use their  training and intuitive awareness of all the Flower essences at their disposal.  Focusing on the precise mental and emotional issues the client is experiencing, as well as deciphering each individuals Star sign’s physical, emotional and spiritual complexities, they are able to create a combination of Flower Essences specifically targeted to help bring the individual back to a state of emotional and astrological  balance, in order to  address not only their health and general well being but development of personal spiritual growth.

The consultation fee is £155 and includes the cost of one 30ml specifically made remedy for you.  Details on how to take the remedy will be included, alongside a list of natural remedies and supplements which may also assist with your particular health /emotional issues.   You will also be given a helpful ‘green prescription’ in order for you to make some simple but life changing adjustments to your everyday life, which can bring the most gratifying benefits.

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The information you send us is strictly confidential and we do not pass your details on to anyone else.

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