Aroma•Zodiac uses the Alchemy of Astrology and Aromatherapy which have been defined by the principles of medical astrology dating back over 6000 years.   There is a candle for each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, which can help bring balance back to our physical and emotional wellbeing by targeting sign related health ailments with specific therapeutic pure essential oils. Your candle is specifically designed to help heal negative emotions and physical symptoms whilst restoring your positive personality traits and strength by bringing you into your astrological balance.

Founder and designer of Aroma•Zodiac Kathryn Plowright has often been described as a pioneer in complementary medicine and holistic therapies, and the woman responsible for bringing these alternative healing approaches onto the high street and into the public consciousness over a quarter of a century ago.  After a devastating illness from which conventional medicine gave her no chance of recovery, Kathryn decided to ‘find her own path’ out of ill health through nature and its boundless healing properties, which included a ‘green prescription’ from  a forward thinking doctor who advised an appointment with a medical astrologer.  Her exploration into self healing and her training in herbal medicine, aromatherapy, clinical nutrition, EFT,  Reiki, Homeopathy, Feng Shui  and Bach Flower Remedies resulted in the inception 25 years ago of The Medicine Shop & Clinic, a collaboration of complementary medicine and therapies under one roof on the high street, helping unite the country’s enthusiasm for all things complementary, into a natural phenomenon. Kathryn has now turned her training, experience and passion into creating a unique range of Home Healing candles with proven therapeutic benefits ,using the alchemy of Aromatherapy and Astrology  to bring balance and wellbeing into our lives.

‘A physician without the knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician’


The Alchemy of Astrology and Aromatherapy – Here’s the science bit…

Using the  Alchemy of Aromatherapy and Astrology inspired from the principals of Medical Astrology which date back over 6000 Kathryn has captured natures intelligence in curative essential oils and has created a totally holistic treatment for the home, helping to heal both negative emotions and physical symptoms whilst enhancing the positive personality traits and strengths inherent in your individual zodiac sign, bringing you into your own vital astrological balance.


Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils taken from plants flowers and herbs which are utilised through massage, topical application or inhalation in order to transport the known healing properties of the plants directly into the blood stream in order to promote both physical and psychological well being.  The scientifically proven effects of Aromatherapy are known to stimulate parts of the brain which have a positive effect on physical emotional and mental states, stimulating brain receptors which control blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, attention span, pleasure and motivation.  Aromatherapy has been used therapeutically over millennia by ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, Greek and Indian cultures medicinally, cosmetically and spiritually.


Astrology or more specifically Iatromathmatics or Medical Astrology is one of the longest standing intellectual traditions on the planet, says Professor Lauren Kassell of Cambridge University who is an expert on the subject. Iatromathmatics applies the study of Astrology to Medicine and views the human body through astrological reasoning as well as mechanics, associating stars and zodiac signs with the functioning of the body and its active and energetic temperament, exploring various health problems and ways to alleviate and treat certain ailments and diseases. The twelve astrological signs are assigned to each part of the body from head to foot as depicted in the 15 century painting of the anatomical – astrological human.  In Iatromathmatics your ‘star body’  or  ‘energetic matrix’ is believed to be governed by the sun, moon, and planets and other astrological signs and thus can be regulated in order to achieve a healthier state of mind and body.  Hippocrates referred to as the grandfather of medicine and author of the Hippocratic oath, historically taken by doctors on graduation, stated  – ‘A physician without the knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician’.

Kathryn who is a staunch believer in energy healing or energetic medicine where things like ‘mind over matter’ and visualising your cancer being eroded and then going into remission when all other drugs have failed,  says

‘I was fascinated and excited at the prospect of being able to bring back into balance the wayward parts of our physical and emotional stressed out time starved selves.  If the proven benefits of Aromatherapy alongside the science of medical Astrology mean we can invoke the much needed calm and harmony necessary to take back control of our hectic lives in our own time in our own home, and there is a chance one of my beautifully scented therapeutic candles could improve your health and wellbeing then why wouldn’t you.  Candle light is magical and aromas are evocative and restorative.  I want this Home Healing range to transform your life as it has done mine’ .

Therapeutics – how it works

The essential oils infused into each candle are known to have beneficial qualities in treating the physical associations as well as the emotional complexities and astrological tendencies and vulnerabilities associated with each specific Zodiac sign.  Each oil used is multifaceted and works synergetically being specifically selected to fuse into a powerful remedy addressing the most important mind body and spirit related issues and bringing you back into your own vital astrological balance.   For optimal use each candle should be burned for 2 hours at a time which means there are approximately 20 treatments contained in one candle which equates to around £6 per treatment.


Each candle is hand poured in England and made from 100% natural ingredients consisting of pure vegetable wax and 100% cotton wicks designed to burn cleanly and evenly without giving off unwanted toxins.  No paraffin waxes or petroleum products are used and unlike most other candle ranges no artificial colourings or synthetic fragrances are included.  All our fragrances are 100% natural, made from pure essential oils taken from plants, flowers, trees and herbs.


Each Candle evokes a sense of lasting comfort and embraces the spirit of nature and all its healing properties and mood-enhancing experiences.  Kathryn strives to create pieces that not only look and feel beautiful, but are instrumental in helping enrich people’s lives.  Kathryn is a perfectionist in everything she does and each individual piece is a very personal reflection of her lifetime’s work, her creativity and passion for a 100% pure, therapeutic luxury item/object.  Each candle is presented in insightful personalised packaging making it an ideal gift to give and receive for any occasion.   The beautifully crafted box is designed to convey pertinent data attributed to each star sign.  The front is embossed with Aroma•Zodiac’s  unique  individual  ‘Healing Compass  ‘ denoting  sign related health information alongside  fundamental principles of each astrological zodiac sign.

The back of the box displays the individual Zodiac constellation which exists for each star sign and is visible in the night sky at certain times of the year. Constellations were fashioned by the ancients from groups of stars and were instrumental in people’s daily lives dictating when to plant crops, steer navigators in travel and guide physicians in healing the sick.   Each candle is hand poured into a midnight blue glass with lid, which has your individual star symbol emblazoned on the front making this an unforgettable keep sake.

Aroma•Zodiac On line Assessment

For people suffering with physical or emotional issues who feel they may need more specific help and benefit from an Aroma•Zodiac Health Assessment there are practitioners available who study your Zodiac related health issues alongside your current health status and formulate a unique client specific program consisting of natural remedies, to help bring you back into your essential astrological balance. For appointments go to the Apothecary page or email