The Gardères Retreat is a favourite destination for Linda Bretherton the master trainer, author and teacher of Ayurvedic Medicine and practices, having written 3 books including Dosha for Life and The Creating Game.

Linda praises Gardères virtues as a retreat destination, affirming its unique capacity for offering an extraordinary healing experience.  Having experienced Gardères first hand on many occasions, Linda has always been staggered at the positive and benign energy that Gardères emits to those who stay there, seemingly to know just what is required to restore balance and harmony to busy, time-starved people.


“Gardères is a fabulous place where you will be truly cared for. The chateau is beautifully decorated as one would expect from Kathryn, who takes every small detail into consideration.  The surrounding area of Gers is staggering with private forests and rolling hillsides. You will certainly find very little anywhere that else that will give you what Gardères offers to it’s guests. Don’t wait to book … you will love the place and the wonderful hosts for sure”.

Linda encouraged Kathryn to extend her talents and 25 years of experience at the cutting edge of complementary medicine and therapies at the Medicine Shop and Clinic to start running inspirational holistic retreats – something Kathryn had always contemplated but never been able to find the ‘right’ place to do it.

“Once I knew Gardères had been built from the stones of an ancient monastery which originally stood next to it, and had at its heart a ‘Source’ once used by the monks and reputed to come from a famous ‘Healing Source’  1km away, I just knew Gardères was special”.

“Everyone who comes here says it has something indefinably precious… An energy, a knowing. Whatever problem you arrive with, Gardères seems to effortlessly and holistically repair this.  When I showed Linda the Source, which is named ‘The Healers Well’  she was speechless – it’s such a special place, radiating its own brand of healing magic where one can be at peace.  It is the perfect space for contemplation and inner spiritual growth”.

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