Healing Happens Here…

The Gardéres Retreat has something very special at its heart.  It has been specifically designed by Kathryn Plowright to address the need we have today to reconnect with something essential, to allow us the insight into a better, fuller more holistic way of life.

“I have created these Holistic Retreats to suit time-starved, input overloaded, plate spinning, worn and weary individuals who want a chance to stop, get off and regroup”

“Albert Einstein said ‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it’ At my Gardéres Retreats we aim to shift that consciousness to enable you to tune into your own wisdom in order to facilitate self-healing, re-awaken your divine vital energy, and reconnect with natures intelligence”

Gardéres le Manoir de la Source, is a magical 17 century French Manor House nestled amidst the sunflower strewn hills of Gascony. At its heart lies the  ‘Healers Well’ – a natural spring with its origins reputedly established from the famous  ‘Healing Source ‘ 1km away, which during the early  1900’s boasted miraculous healing powers and was prescribed by doctors from around the region for the sick to visit and take ‘La Cure’.

Delicious vegetarian inspired healing foods are prepared daily focusing on nutrition, detoxification and cleansing. We absorb ourselves in naturopathic practices to which our body can respond and heal holistically such as meditation, therapeutic massage, mindfulness, slow eating, holistic walks, setting  intentions, breathing exercises,  EFT (emotional freedom technique), creative visualisation, grounding, star gazing, moon bathing, sunbathing and unblocking vital Chi Energy.

Gardéres  Retreats provides the perfect place for reflection and inner spiritual growth.

For those who wish to engage in some serious spiritual enlightenment, Lourdes – the healing capital of the world is situated less than an hours drive away.

For more information visit Gardères, or email us at retreats@kathrynplowrightcollection.com.

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