Kathryn Plowright

Kathryn began her career in Public Relations. After successfully selling her first company at the age 26 she went to America to train to become a commercial pilot. It was in America she became ill and had to return to the UK where she was confined to a wheelchair with an unidentifiable illness.

Doctors gave her no hope of recovery or a cure, so she turned to complementary medicine for treatment. It was her remarkable return to good health in such a short period of time which convinced her to dedicate her life to helping others find solutions to their health problems, without the use of allopathic drugs or surgery.

In 1994 Kathryn opened the UK’s first combined complementary retail outlet and clinic on the high street, The Medicine Shop & Clinic, staffed by qualified therapists offering solutions from every day health problems to difficult degenerative diseases. As a pioneer of complementary medicine in this country Kathryn has tirelessly campaigned to bring complementary medicine and therapies to the forefront of the publics awareness, and hopes to keep pushing the boundaries in order for people to exercise their choice for treatment.

‘My Commitment to follow this calling grew so strong that a sort of spiritual intelligence came to guide my life. This ever present resource continues to keep me focused on delivering a palatable way to help educate people to the principles of preventative healthcare, and freedom of healthcare choice. The Healing Gardens has been a passion for over 20 years and now it is time to drive the project forward to bring a greater sense of understanding to those who wish to subscribe to the same philosophies as myself, and the many other disciples of natural healthcare worldwide’.

Kathryn has been responsible for originating the concept as well as developing The Healing Gardens format. She holds more than 25 years of experience in the fields of complementary medicine and therapies, retail, public relations, TV and radio appearances and her articles on complementary medicines and therapies have been published worldwide. With her breadth of experience she is a lecturer, and contributor to both trade magazines and popular publications.

Her ‘ new baby ‘ AromaZodiac underlines her passion for unlocking the secrets of vibrational medicine – where consciousness is the key to empowerment both physically, mentally and spiritually again using natures intelligence to produce exceptional natural products for Home Healing.