• To learn about the incredible healing powers of plants
  • Being in a unique location combining information and enjoyment
  • To experience a complementary therapy in the Holistic Therapy Centre
  • To buy an unusual medicinal plant or herb like Aloe Vera to use at home
  • Find some inner peace as you wander though the labyrinth
  • To learn on a course on offer in the Healing Arts Academy
  • To lunch or snack in our tea room
  • To visit the shop and purchase some herbal remedies or essential oils
  • To research information from our living library of medicinal herbs
  • Sketch / photograph plants and original garden sculptures
  • To attend a private / corporate function and enjoy the surroundings as well

The Demand for natural health products and associated therapies has been on a constant increase during the last decade and is still rising.

Market Segmentation

Baby boomers are currently experiencing middle age and are clearly taking a new and more proactive role in fulfilling their own health and preventive needs.  The media is increasingly raising awareness of self care nutritional products and  disciplines and their benefits, and will continue to drive the younger population to us.

Who will come

  • Women Men
  • Senior Citizens
  • Schools
  • Health professionals
  • People primarily attracted to wellness
  • People who are ill and looking for alternatives
  • Complementary health care professionals
  • College and University students
  • Horticultural professionals and amateurs
  • Chemists and Pharmacists