To provide a detailed experience of how each native plant/flower /herb active part or parts make up what has been used for centuries in the art of healing disease and illness.

A succession of 15ft x 15 ft plots of earth laid out in a traditional parterre allowing for specific beds to harness each different discipline of natural medicine. A historical recreation with contemporary relevance with each plant displayed with detailed labels of their botanical and common names, and their uses. A journey through their medicinal properties, cultivation, and use in disease and illness in times past, and how they have been adapted to influence our drugs and prescribed medicines of today.

  • Apothecary Garden
  • Aromatherapy Garden
  • Herbalist Garden
  • Homeopathy Garden
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Potager Garden
  • Physic Garden
  • Water Garden
  • Cloisters – Garden of Prayer
  • Garden of Contemplation – Labyrinth
  • Scented Garden
  • Meditation Garden
  • Zen Garden
  • Magic Potion Garden
  • Poison Garden

There is a general trend in the entire western world to a renewed awareness about health and nature’s potential impact in gaining health benefits and longevity. More and more people are eagerly seeking to live with more energy and vitality, less risk of harmful diseases and with more total physical and mental balance. A renewed faith in the idea of combining nature and science for the ultimate in natural prevention and preservation.