A refuge for those who wish to spend a period time in reflection and meditation.  The main house at the heart of the Healing Gardens will be available to rent as a Spiritual Retreat venue housing up to 20 people.

The Healing Gardens offer an ideal venue for this type of retreat where visitors can learn to live in harmony with nature.  Affording the individual to maximise the positive and minimise the negative effects of life in order to bring increased health and happiness, whilst taking in the spiritual values the whole venue has to offer.  Wandering through the labyrinth, or experiencing the abundance of nature one can tune their way through the day bringing a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

In an ever more stressful world more people are looking for an experience like this to ‘be still’ or ‘take time out’. This location could offer the ultimate individual or corporate retreat experience in this country with the added benefit of the Holistic Therapy Centre and healing Arts Academy significantly hightening  the stay.