A permanent exhibition into the origins of medicine in this country and the wider world.   Its evolution and the debt we owe to nature and its innate ability to provide the answers to our medical problems be they physical mental or emotional.

Colourful story boards alongside state of the art fully interactive technology- the scratch and sniff Aromatherapy experience, the sensory experience of sound, touch and taste and a journey into its potent healing potential.

Practical exploration of:

  • Growing your own medicines for home use
  • Making your own hedgerow remedies and herbal first aid kits
  • Healthy Living principles

An interactive opportunity to asses ‘How Healthy Is Your Home’

Children’s interactive computer quiz assessing their knowledge of how they can keep healthy (washing their hands before meals / decreasing the spreading of infection by sneezing and coughing into handkerchiefs etc).

Calculating the amount of sugar consumed in a week (promoting the  governments initiative to reduce obesity).

A Permanent Tribute In Our National Museums

A similar permanent exhibition could be commissioned for one of our National Museums (either Natural History or Science and Industry) which currently dedicate approximately three 4ft by 4ft panels only on the fourth floor of the Science and Industry Museum in London. A woefully inadequate representation of one of the most fundamental natural wonders of the world, and a topic children of all ages and adults should be knowledgeable and engaged in.