“Its the perfect gift” says Sheila, known as the doyenne of the luxury goods world. Having transformed half a dozen little known barber shop colognes to the world wide brand phenomenon Penhaligons is today, by expanding into a leading luxury goods empire.

Sheila says “Kathryn has taken her passion for natural medicine and fused it into a luxurious therapeutic candle range called AromaZodiac. It’s a joy for us all that she has created something that not only benefits our health but looks and smells divine in our homes – its the perfect gift”.

In the 1970’s Sheila suggested to her friend Franco Zeffirelli, the Italian Maestro and film director to buy the brand name of the dying little known historic perfume house.  Sheila then spent 2 decades brilliantly bringing the business back to life by launching several exquisite new scents for women drawn from formulas left by William Penhaligon, notably their unique Bluebell which is still a bestseller today.

She opened a new shop in fashionable Covent Garden and her creativity took her into designing original sumptuous luxury gifts and publishing 6 books including The Language of Flowers, which redefined the gift book market selling over 2 million copies. Penhaligons are now a worldwide luxury goods brand.

Sheila was enthusiastic about the therapeutic benefits of the AromaZodiac collection after testing her Scorpio candle.  She adds “Scorpio’s are passionate, tenacious and dynamic. However, when they are out of balance they are prone to becoming suspicious, introspective and intolerant. The aromatherapy essential oils Kathryn has carefully selected for Scorpios are Patchoulis, Palmerosa, Cypress, Pimento Berry, Grapefruit, Sage and Grapeseed. When inhaled, these therapeutic oils enter the blood stream which help restore the positive qualities of Scorpio which are passionate, perceptive and powerful while dissipating our less productive aspects”.

Sheila’s comments are high praise indeed, coming from not only the leading luminary of the luxury brand market, but also someone who holds the inclusion and properties of nature at the heart of each products ingredients. Provenance has always been an important factor in everything she has created, as it is for Kathryn – who has created AromaZodiac with exactly the same principals at the core of AromaZodiac’s rang of candles.