“I am buzzing with excitement regarding AromaZodiac’s wonderful new collaboration with Rachel Bates Interiors – the fabulous luxury interiors & lifestyle website. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity by Rachel to work alongside so many amazing world renowned brands, designers and artisans”.

Rachel is an amazing designer who’s inimitable and courageous style takes you on a voyage into colour and vibrancy that you only dare dream of – but then makes it possible by doing all the hard work for you by presenting a website which brings luxury, design, quality and craftsmanship all together.

“She is influenced by nature so her designs have an effortless style.  I never thought I would have the courage to move away from pastels – but Rachel’s chic style has beaconed me to dare to be bold and so with this new found enthusiasm I am going to completely redecorate and refurnish my boudoir … Watch this space!”.


Rachel Bates Interiors is quite simply a celebration of all things luxury, Rachel explains:

“I was determined to create a luxury interiors website boutique that would become the premier online shopping destination of the interior design world. Everything that you will find in our stunning online boutique has been thoughtfully and elegantly curated, to help you implement our beautiful looks with great ease, in your own home.  From the outset the key elements for my product designs were very clear in my mind and my benchmark was that everything I produce must always be stylish, elegant, exquisite, of beautiful quality and craftsmanship and produced for me by some of the finest manufacturers and artisans in the world.  My site showcases my launch collections and amazing collaborations between myself and leading luxury brands and collections.  Absolutely everything is thoughtfully selected, we do all the hard work for you to ensure everything fits together perfectly and harmoniously. Allowing you to simply enjoy your shopping experience and then implement the look with ease in your home”

“We are thrilled to welcome Kathryn Plowright and her amazing AromaZodiac Home Healing Candles to our luxury Boutique. I met her as a client of the Medicine Shop & Clinic which specialises in all aspects of natural healthcare. Her knowledge and experience in complementary medicine makes her range of candles a unique opportunity to heal, scent, and adorn your home in one exquisite gift.  Her attention to detail in the design right down to the packaging is not only beautiful but informative, giving the purchaser the opportunity for insight and greater understanding of the healing powers of nature. An AromaZodiac gift is so versatile as its perfect for any occasion”.

Visit Rachel’s online boutique here.