The Retreats at Garderes have something very special at heart.  They have been specifically designed by Kathryn Plowright to address the need we have today to reconnect with something essential, to allow us the insight into a healthier, fuller more holistic way of life.

”I have created these Holistic Retreats to suit time starved, input overloaded, plate spinning, worn and weary  individuals who want a chance  to ‘stop’ ‘get off’  and  ‘regroup’… Albert Einstein said.

‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it’.

At our Retreats we aim to shift that consciousness to enable you to tune into your own wisdom in order to facilitate self healing, re awaken your divine vital energy, and reconnect with natures intelligence, and develop your creativity.

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May 18th – 25th 2019       June 15th – 22nd 2019       Sep 14th – 21st 2019

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‘Garderes le Manoir de la Source‘ is a magical 17 century private French Manor House nestled amidst the sunflower strewn hills of Gascony.  Situated on a ridge the commanding view of the Pyrenees is punctuated by an uninterrupted panorama of the Gascon countryside, famous for its Muskateers, Armagnac, Foie Gras and its regional delicacy – Duck. Dedicated to health and wellbeing offering both Retreats and bed and breakfast for a unique healing experience Garderes proffers a little slice of Paradise which offers serenity and a chance to re boot physically, mentally and emotionally.

At its heart is the ‘Healers Well’ a natural spring with its origins reputedly established from the famous ‘Healing Source‘ 1km away which during the early  1900’s boasted miraculous healing powers and was prescribed by doctors from around the region for the sick to visit and take ‘La Cure’.

Garderes offers a welcome escape from the noise and pace of 21st century living. The Retreat Weeks are designed and created by Kathryn often described as a pioneer in complementary medicine and holistic therapies, having brought these approaches onto the high street with Medicine Shop & Clinic (  over 25 years ago. As a wellness professional Kathryn has made holistic living a way of life at Garderes, having travelled the world in search of insight and enlightenment, and using her experiences and training in complementary therapies alongside naturopathy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and clinical nutrition to create a Retreat which would encapsulate her passion and dedication to the art of self-healing.

We aim to make things really simple. We focus on relaxing our bodies, reviving our creativity, relaxing our bodies, rejuvenating our senses, enlightening our soul, learning to survive stress, nourishing our being and healing holistically.

How we do it

On waking we take a cup of hot water and lemon or Apple cider vinegar in order to alkalise the body.  Disease cannot survive in an alkalised body.

We hydrate regularly throughout the day with specially filtered water or herbal teas taken from our fresh herbs in the garden.

Delicious vegetarian inspired healing foods are prepared daily in our kitchen using locally sourced ingredients  known for thier various healing properties focusing on nutrition, detoxification and cleansing. Alongside which we absorb ourselves in  naturopathic practices to which our body can respond and heal holistically such as meditation, therapeutic massage, Mindfulness, slow eating, holistic walks , setting  intentions, breathing excercises EFT (emotional freedom technique), Creative visualisation, Grounding, star gazing, moon bathing, sunbathing and unblocking vital Chi energy.

Shots of Raw fresh juices of fruit and vegetables are served mid morning to maximise nutrient uptake.

Swim in the outdoor pool, day dream and drift away on one of loungers, enjoy a relaxing massage in the Sanctuary or outside in our Garden Treatment Room. Relax and reflect in the Healing Garden amongst the herbs and flowers with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Or take a gentle stroll down to the Glade where the enchanting ‘Healers Well’ can be discovered. Here is the perfect place for reflection and inner spiritual growth. If you feel restless or the urge for solitude then taking a walk in the surrounding inspiring countryside offers a chance to commune with nature and embrace mindfulness by being totally ‘in the moment’. For those who wish to engage in some spiritual enlightenment Lourdes – the healing capital of the world – is less than an hours drive.

Al fresco dining with spectacular views

Guests will have the opportunity to participate in a unique healing experience with an AromaZodiac Candle Meditation, imbuing its proven therapeutic health benefits and mood enhancing properties where we are able to quell and quiet the brain into a state of consciousness that allows our heart rate to drop, our creative abilities to surface and our body’s inate healing capability to engage and initiate and respond to any physical emotional or mental concerns we may have. It even enables you to answer those difficult questions which have escaped us for so long. In the stillness the answer will surface, helping  you make new life enhancing choices.

The evening meal is a time for us to gather and reflect on our day. We encourage you to abstain from alcohol  in order to increase the benefits of your Retreat experience, however wine is offered at the evening meal for those who wish to partake. Before bed a cup of warming Valerian tea to help you sleep completes the perfect healing experience – and then we do it all over again… and again… and again.

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The Healing Garden

The Healing Garden is a special place for contemplation and reflection.  At its centre is a natural ‘Source’ called  ‘The Healers Well’ once used by Monks from the ancient monastery which in past times stood on the hill overlooking this blissful haven.   Radiating its own brand of healing properties the Healers Well sits in a glade where one can be at peace.


Pool and Courtyard

The pool is a great opportunity to relax and unwind amid the most spectacular 180 degree views of the Gasgone countryside bringing you right into to the heart of nature and all her healing elements. Swim, exercise or just BE…

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is where our therapies take place: Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Chakra Balancing Reiki Healing, Meditation  and the Chi, to name some of the experiences open to you on your Retreat at Garderes. Each day the Sanctuary holds an energy clearing ceremony in order for any negative energy that may have gathered to be dispersed – making each day a brand new powerful and cleansing opportunity for all.

Herbs and produce from our gardens

Using fresh produce from the garden  when we can adds to the fresh and natural experience Garderes offers. All our food is prepared with love and focuses on nourishment and healing from the inside out. The principals of  ‘slow eating‘ and eating in silence for one meal a day aids the uptake of nutrients and digestion  in the body, whilst eliminating meat from our diet for a short period means our own ‘vital force energy’ is spent repairing and replenishing the body, rather than trying to break down and digest food.

A Haven of Tranquillity

The gardens at Garderes are a haven of tranquillity. Enjoying them whether by reading, writing or walking helps ground your physical body whilst communing with nature nurtures the soul.

Garderes Retreat

Stretching invigorates an exhausted body without  putting it under any stress .  There are many different ways we stretch out each day at Garderes using our own ‘healing passes’ developed for fatigued bodies and minds, as well as moves from Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi in one of the many spaces.

The courtyard

The courtyard garden is designed to bring order and harmony to a brain overwhelmed with chaos. Sitting and enjoying its structure and symmetry whilst sipping some homemade lemonade helps bring some balance and harmony back into being.