My journey with AromaZodiac began over 25 years ago. I had a life threatening illness which doctors had told me was untreatable, so I turned to alternative medicine and saved my life. I felt utterly and completely compelled to share this phenomenon with others who were suffering as I had.
I decided to train as an Aromatherapist because of the incredible results I had experienced with my own return to health. I had a fascination for the alchemy of Aromatherapy with its many essential oils and intoxicating aromas, and the many healing properties harnessed within them. I thought Aromatherapy was just about having a massage with nice smelling oils– I didn’t realise it was actually about the utilisation of essential oils taken from plants and herbs, into the blood stream in order to treat the patient.


I opened ‘The Medicine Shop and Clinic’ in 1994, the UK’s first complementary medicine and therapy outlet on the high street, available to all, where people could find everything they needed under one roof – trained practitioners for guidance and remedies for treatment- offering the chance for people to take responsibility for their own health and improve it.

The results of 25 years trading, helping over 17,000 people each with their own health problem, has been not only rewarding but my vocation. The letters and emails I have received over decades, of thanks and heartfelt gratitude, of saving marriages, saving lives, saving jobs, making babies a possibility, giving teenagers a future without bullying because of unsightly skin conditions, giving arthritis sufferers the ability to walk without pain, rebalancing wayward Menopausal and PMT hormones, giving Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients a future, and giving thousands of people a voice to speak up and be heard by their GP’s, have all been humbling. I am passionate about complementary medicine and therapies and have devoted my life to showing others ‘the way’.

It was during this time, whilst mixing up Aromatherapy preparations and dispensing natural remedies for my clients, that I pondered on the notion ; ‘Could people who shared the same birthday also suffer with the same health issues? ‘  I had never been into Astrology and didn’t know when my star sign began or ended let alone that each star sign had its own constellation of stars visible in the night sky ! I stumbled across a post card which caught my eye. I noticed it had Zodiac symbols placed on different parts of the human body. I was fascinated to find out it was a 15c painting of the Astrological Anatomical Man who’s origins lay in Medical Astrology which is one of the longest standing intellectual traditions on the planet.

Professor Lauren Kassell of the world renowned Cambridge University, who is an expert on the subject says:  ‘Medial Astrology applies the study of Astrology to Medicine and views the human body through astrological reasoning as well as mechanics, associating stars and zodiac signs with the functioning of the body, and exploring various health problems and ways to alleviate and treat certain ailments and diseases’.

I had always wanted to design and create my own 100% natural candle range, which contained pure essential oils rather than synthetic artificial fragrances. The fact that the Aromatherapy oils had healing properties and scientifically proven health benefits was a big draw. Inhalation is the quickest way to utilise those oils in the blood stream so a healing therapy candle which made your home smell divine as well was a clear win win.

And so AromaZodiac was created. Inspired from the principals of Medical Astrology which date back over 6000. Providing a totally holistic treatment for you in your own home, by helping to heal negative emotions and physical symptoms, associated with each specific Zodiac sign, whilst enhancing your positive personality traits and strengths bringing you back into your own vital astrological balance. It finally means people can benefit from Aromatherapy the way I had done by having a treatment Candle in their own home specifically designed for them.